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Dr. Dalton's Non-Surgical Facelift

Face before and after filler

The "Liquid" Facelift

 We use Radiesse, a biostimulator filler, that stimulates your own body's production of collagen and elastin. Radiesse adds volume and contours features that have been affected by the aging process. It provides immediate results in addition to long-term improvement. Dr. Dalton uses a combination of techniques to sculpt your natural features and take years of your face without you looking fake or plastic.

The "Dynamic Duo"

Dr. Dalton coined the term "Dynamic Duo".  She noticed the results drastically improve when we combine more than one non-invasive modality. Radiesse is used to add volume and contour and facial folds and wrinkles. But when we add a second procedure that addresses tightening of the skin, the results are more eye-catching.

Add: Ultherapy is a non-invasive modality that uses focused ultrasound to address skin laxity


Add: RF Microneedling with growth-factors to improve "the 3 T's": tone, texture and tightening of the skin

Face before and after filler and ultherapy
Face before and after terrific trio

The "Terrific Trio"

The top of the line non-surgical facelift is Dr. Dalton's "Terrific Trio". This combines all of the non-invasive skin tightening and collagen/elastin regenerating procedures into one treatment plan. This involves treating the aging face from the bottom up. This addresses the bone loss and structural changes as we age. This re-plumps the fat pads that have lost volume over time, leaving folds and hollows. And this also improves the laxity, integrity and appearance of the skin. The combination of the procedures are in the realm of regenerative medicine. These are natural-looking results without the use of plastic surgery.

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